Within the Catholic tradition, there are many ways to pray. Yet, while there are smaller books, books on praying with saints and contemporary figures, or prayer within one particular strand of Catholic spirituality, there is no truly comprehensive work available on how to learn, practice, and teach ways of prayer in the broad Roman Catholic tradition. This handbook breaks new ground, offering forty important voices on essential topics for a comprehensive look at the learning, practice, and teaching of prayer in the Catholic tradition.

Topics include:
• Types of spirituality (including Carmelite, Franciscan, Ignatian, Dominican and other major schools) and how they frame prayer and prayerfulness
• Liturgical prayer
• New Testament scriptural approaches to prayer
• Praying with the Psalms
• Contemplation
• Liturgy of the Hours
• Conversational prayer
• Resistance to prayer
• Journaling as prayer
• Enhancing a spirit of prayerfulness
• Praying in Ordinary Time
• Praying through grief, suffering, loss, and pain
• Dealing with distractions in prayer
• The essentials of Catholic prayer

About the Author

General editor Dr. Robert J. Wicks is professor emeritus at Loyola University in Maryland and a recipient of the papal medal from Pope John Paul II. He has gathered voices as diverse as Joyce Rupp, Martin Laird, James Martin, Richard Rohr, John Donahue, Janet Ruffing, William Barry, Maribeth Howell, Donald Senior, Therese Borchard, and many others in this once-in-a-generation work.

Suggested Interview Questions

1. What compelled you to compile voices on Catholic prayer in your book?
2. You say that surprisingly, there is nothing comprehensive out there about Catholic prayer. Why is this?
3. Experiencing God in prayer is the foundation of the Christian life. How do these voices contribute to the individual’s experience?
4. How does this work tie in to your work with those who have undergone trauma and extreme distress?
5. You say friendship and prayer are the cornerstones of dealing with life’s difficulties. How can we develop a healthy spiritual base of friends?

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