At Play in God’s Creation: An Illuminating Coloring Book

Color. Contemplate. Connect.
Explore. Embellish.

At Play in God’s Creation creates a meditative journey for the word-weary that celebrates the creativity within. This remarkable book integrates evocative, searching drawings with brief prompts and spiritual intentions.

Color-ers and spiritual seekers are taken on a journey through dark, arched passageways and spacious open fields. They will fill the paths with their own designs, or follow the way of the One who went before.

This imaginative, spiritually rich addition to the growing genre of coloring books for adults encourages color and contemplation, allowing a safe and comfortable place for anyone to find their way in prayer and silence. Many will spend hours filling in the pages with their own vivid imaginings, meeting God even as He slips between stained glass and sycamores.

Key Points about At Play in God’s Creation

  • • High-quality, adult coloring book blends prayer and creativity
  • • Thicker paper minimizes bleed-through
  • • Aimed at adults but also appropriate for older children
  • • Designed to take you on an inward journey to the heart of God and an outward journey into the heart of the world.
  • • Based on the practice of contemplative prayer, which is a type of prayer without words, helps people to incorporate coloring, art, and play into their relationship with the Divine.
  • • It can be interacted with page-by-page or as a whole spiritual journey to be embarked upon with companions and friends who appear along the way.

About the Author

Tara M. Owens, CSD, MTS is a spiritual director, retreat leader, and speaker with Anam Cara Ministries. She is the author of Embracing the Body: Finding God in Our Flesh & Bone and has been accompanying people in their journeys with God for more than eight years, helping them incorporate creativity, art, and contemplation into everyday life.

She has a Masters in Theological Studies in Spiritual Formation from Tyndale Seminary, is a Certified Spiritual Director through the Canadian Council of Professional Certification, and senior editor of Conversations Journal.

About the Illustrator

Dan Sorensen is an artist with a BFA from The Columbus College of Art and Design and an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

He has illustrated the kid’s book, T is for T. Rex: Some of God’s Most Amazing Creatures from A to Z, which received a Silver award for Illustration from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, as well as a book on plants for 4-H. He often donates his time and creative efforts to “Not for Sale” to fight human trafficking, and he teaches kids and adults drawing, painting, and computer programs.

Sample Interview Questions

  • 1. How is coloring related to meditation? to prayer?
  • 2. Adult coloring books are a huge craze, how is this book different?
  • 3. What can someone expect to gain from this book that they wouldn’t from other coloring books?
  • 4. How have you seen or personally used coloring as prayer?
  • 5. Do you think your book is accessible to people of all (or no) faiths, or just Christians?
  • 6. Why have adult coloring books become so popular now? Do you expect this trend to continue?
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