10 annoying daily experiences that can build up your spiritual life

This article was originally published in December of 2014. Last week, New Advent linked a list of top 10 daily experiences that you can make more enjoyable. We thought it would be fun to turn this list into something that would help us build up spiritual strength. So without further ado, top 10 daily experiences […]

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St. Maria Goretti – pray for us!

In the wake of the Stanford University rape case verdict that enraged millions of Americans on social media, today marks the Feast Day of St. Maria Goretti, Patron Saint of chastity, purity, victims of rape, and young girls.  She is also the youngest canonized saint in the Catholic Church having suffered a brutal death before […]

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Two simple ways to improve your in-house marketing

Rachel Cooley is Director of Marketing at the Kennedy Brownrigg Group The Kennedy Brownrigg Group has many areas of expertise. One of them is marketing. We excel is everything from the day-today marketing tasks like social media posting to large scale media campaigns. But what if your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a company […]

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6 simple tools to capture media attention in the Catholic space

Carrie Kline is client marketing strategist at the Kennedy Brownrigg Group.   We’re all working to spread the truth, and a classical way to do that is to gain media attention. There are many outlets available in Catholic media today—online, TV, print, and radio—and navigating them all in four different time zones can be tricky! […]

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Be merry with these cheery, holy, Christmas-y quotes

Merry Christmas from the Kennedy Brownrigg Group! Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God-be-with-us!  We hope your Christmas celebration will be joyful, holy, and filled with Christ’s redeeming presence. As we celebrate the fullness of the Christmas season, we invite you to reflect on these words of holy people who have gone before us. 1. “Once in […]

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Nonprofits say social media marketing is overrated

Rachel Cooley is Director of Marketing. We marketers have what you would call “a bag of tricks”. Different agencies vary in their degree of how thoughtful and effectively they use this “bag of tricks”, but big picture, base level marketing tactics remain semi-universal. There is paid advertising, SEO, email marketing – these are big picture […]

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Purgatory Makes Sense

As October transitions into November, the Catholic Church recognizes the Solemnity of All Saints and the Feast of All Souls.  It is always such a deeply moving time of year and that of profound introspection as we find ourselves recognizing the great ones believed to be in Heaven and the faithful departed believed to be […]

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New research shows the New Evangelization is urgent as ever

Rachel Cooley is Director of Marketing If you thought that the New Evangelization is something that was big two popes ago and is now passé, think again. A study done by the PEW Research Center published on October 26, concluded that most American Catholics think the Church should allow its members to use birth control, […]

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5 Reasons a Brand is Essential

Sherry Brownrigg is Senior Partner specializing in marketing and communications. Take a moment and think of a company you do business with. Anyone from the famous computer company who makes your laptop or tablet to your local dry cleaner down the street. Now, make a quick mental list of how you would describe that company. […]

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Joke with the Pope

“Happiness is one of God’s most precious gifts. God wants everyone to be happy and he wants us to share our happiness with everyone we meet. There are many people in our world, especially children, who have been robbed of this joy. Many of our brothers and sisters do not feel the love of God in their daily lives. And so I ask you to become “missionaries of joy,” even when you don’t feel like it. ” – Pope Francis

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