A Lenten Lesson in Marketing: Challenge Yourself!

Sarah Reinhard is Senior Marketing Strategist I hate sanctification. And I hate Lent, too.  For that matter, I feel the same way about marketing. No, it’s true. I became Catholic almost 15 years ago, and I like Lent less now than I ever have. It’s never easy. It’s never fun. It’s never comfortable. But it’s […]

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Three ways to make a plan for your organization AND follow it

Kate Sell is senior partner specializing in strategic management. The start of Lent signals a time re-evaluate, re-focus and build up momentum toward virtue. As Catholic organizations, we would do well to carry the rhythms of the Church into our professional lives. Does your company or organization have the right plan to move forward? What […]

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Three ways to do your work with vigor for Jesus

Mother Teresa called it “the call within the call”. That work which God has called you to within your Vocation. It’s important that we live out our Vocations in the specific way which God intended us to live them, because of course there are many. Some are called to leave their secular company and work […]

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March for Life reminds us the truth is often plain common sense

Carrie Kline is a Client Marketing Specialist I wouldn’t describe myself as an activist. I usually shy away from confrontation, I do best not to get tangled up in contentious Comboxes, and I’m not typically on the frontlines of any kind of rally or demonstration. However, I did find myself among the throngs of picketers […]

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Small acts of love make a big difference in Colombia with CRS

Traveling has always held a strong fascination for me. What’s at the end of that flight? What new and exciting experience awaits me when I get there? Who will I meet? Those questions tickled my brain again on a recent trip to Colombia with Catholic Relief Services to see first-hand the work they do in […]

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Catholic media personalities experience Colombia with CRS

At the Kennedy Brownrigg Group, we often wonder #whereissherry? Our founder and senior partner Sherry Brownrigg bounces around this world at an alarming pace. This week, she’s visiting the coffee fields of Colombia with our client, Catholic Relief Services and other big names in the Catholic world like Lino Rulli of The Catholic Channel’s “The […]

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How to live Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy

Carrie Kline is Client Marketing Specialist We should’ve been watching one of our many holiday DVDs that sit all year long in a box in the basement waiting for the Christmas season, but instead our turn was up at the library for the Karate Kid trilogy. For whatever reason, we thought it was a good […]

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Four Resolutions Your Organization Should Make in 2016

Sherry Brownrigg is senior partner specializing in marketing and communications. If you’re like me, the New Year brings excitement about what is coming around the bend. What clients will we be blessed to work with? Where will I travel? How will the company grow? It’s also the time when we make New Year’s resolutions, and […]

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Be merry with these cheery, holy, Christmas-y quotes

Merry Christmas from the Kennedy Brownrigg Group! Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God-be-with-us!  We hope your Christmas celebration will be joyful, holy, and filled with Christ’s redeeming presence. As we celebrate the fullness of the Christmas season, we invite you to reflect on these words of holy people who have gone before us. 1. “Once in […]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

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