Why I Still Write Things Down (Even Though I Have an App for That)

Sarah Reinhard is Senior Marketing Strategist Confession: I suspect I have more things on my to-do list than I will ever get done. And I’m not exaggerating. Part of it is that I’m one of those people. I’m never sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Having my “hands full” has been a […]

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Two simple ways to improve your in-house marketing

Rachel Cooley is Director of Marketing at the Kennedy Brownrigg Group The Kennedy Brownrigg Group has many areas of expertise. One of them is marketing. We excel is everything from the day-today marketing tasks like social media posting to large scale media campaigns. But what if your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a company […]

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6 simple tools to capture media attention in the Catholic space

Carrie Kline is client marketing strategist at the Kennedy Brownrigg Group.   We’re all working to spread the truth, and a classical way to do that is to gain media attention. There are many outlets available in Catholic media today—online, TV, print, and radio—and navigating them all in four different time zones can be tricky! […]

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Four tips to gain more fulfillment at work

Rachel Cooley is Director of Marketing at the Kennedy Brownrigg Group I read in a book recently that the state of happiness is a state of total absorption. You are so transfixed, interested and enlivened with your reality that you forget to ask “Am I happy?” because you are too busy living it. I am […]

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Three lessons in evangelization from Mother Angelica

Sherry Brownrigg is senior partner specializing in communications and marketing. I first encountered Mother Angelica, the foundress of EWTN, shortly after joining the Church in 1993. Flipping through the channels one day, I saw her, surrounded by other sisters in her order who were doubled over with laughter. Soon, so was I, and I was […]

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Take up the cross of humility this Holy Week

Pope Francis has said that in order to have a truly holy Holy Week, we need to have humility. This is the path Jesus took – so we need to take this path, too. Here’s what he said: “Humility is “a way which constantly amazes and disturbs us: we will never get used to a […]

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Is distraction eating away your day? Try the art of “deep work”

Rachel Cooley is Director of Marketing for the Kennedy Brownrigg Group. There is something so lulling about the slow drip of the coffee pot in the morning. The smell crawls through the office and your co-workers wander to and from the coffee pot, perhaps exchanging a story or two. Everyone settles back to their desks […]

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Recovering from Big Mistakes: 4 Action Items

Lent – especially later in Lent – is a time when many Catholics begin to forget the rigorous resolutions of Ash Wednesday. “It’s Monday…I am going to say it’s “Little Easter Monday” so bring on the chocolate!” We all fall down and make mistakes, falling short of the great things we’d like to achieve. But […]

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Premier Catholic firm adds staff to answer needs of growing client base

The Kennedy Brownrigg Group, the leading strategic marketing, communications and management firm in the Catholic space, announced today that marketing professional and blogger Sarah Reinhard has joined their staff as Senior Marketing Strategist. Reinhard’s vast experience includes work for the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington, and the National […]

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This Lent, I’m practicing silence

Carrie Kline is client marketing strategist. Every Lent, it’s a given that I’ll sacrifice listening to music during drive-time. It’s amazing how involuntary the sleight of hand is from the ignition to the radio dial. It’s just that easy to tune out my troubles, turn away from prayer time and (potentially) meaningful conversations with my […]

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