10 annoying daily experiences that can build up your spiritual life

This article was originally published in December of 2014. Last week, New Advent linked a list of top 10 daily experiences that you can make more enjoyable. We thought it would be fun to turn this list into something that would help us build up spiritual strength. So without further ado, top 10 daily experiences […]

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Try something new! It might just be your next step to success

Courtney Edmonds is a social media specialist for the Kennedy Brownrigg Group.   Yesterday, I went out to lunch with my future in laws.  The consensus was that we should eat at a nearby Chinese restaurant. As I sat down next to my fiancés 11-year-old niece, I was reminded of my first Chinese food experience.  […]

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Discouraged? 4 ways to maintain hope and positive thinking

Sherry Brownrigg is a Senior Partner of Kennedy Brownrigg Group and specializes in Strategic Marketing and Communications We live in interesting times. What is it about 2016? There seems to be more tragedy, more suffering, more of an unease about life. A number of my friends and colleagues report that life is getting more difficult […]

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St. Maria Goretti – pray for us!

In the wake of the Stanford University rape case verdict that enraged millions of Americans on social media, today marks the Feast Day of St. Maria Goretti, Patron Saint of chastity, purity, victims of rape, and young girls.  She is also the youngest canonized saint in the Catholic Church having suffered a brutal death before […]

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Patroness of the working mom, St. Zelie Martin

Kate Sell is senior partner of the Kennedy Brownrigg Group specializing in strategic planning and development. On October 12 Pope Francis canonized the first married couple, SS. Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Therese the Little Flower. My husband and I traveled to Lisieux in Normandy, France in 2010 for our tenth wedding […]

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In the face of horror, only unrelenting charity will do

Rachel Cooley is Director of Marketing for the Kennedy Brownrigg Group This article ran first in 2015 as a response to the uncovering of the Planned Parenthood scandal. We re-run it now as we continue to pray for Orlando and work for peace. “Please don’t kill the child. I want the child. Please give me […]

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2 great way to get personal with Jesus this summer

“Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?” That is a question often posed by fundamentalists, perhaps even in the same breath as “Are you saved?”  It is rarely thought or spoke of among Catholics.  One might even deduce that “Catholics are better at the religion, and Protestants are better at the relationship”. Growing […]

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Network like a pro! 5 quick tips

This week I’m headed to the Catholic Media Conference in St. Louis, and it got me thinking about all the networking that will happen. Confession: I love conferences because I’m an extrovert who loves nothing more than to meet everyone in the room, however, not everyone thinks positively when faced with a crowd of new […]

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The Quotable Theology of the Body: Staff Picks for #TOBtalk


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One stone doesn’t kill two birds – invest in leadership!

Kate Sell is senior partner specializing in strategic management I hear this from clients all the time – “Can’t our executive director also be our development director? Can’t we kill two birds with one stone and save the money on hiring a development director?” My quick and firm answer is always NO! One stone does […]

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