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Why go to Mass? Reasons for intentional living

Carrie Kline is Client Marketing Strategist for the Kennedy Brownrigg Group. There’s been a bit of construction at my house lately. It’s been a revolving door of service providers offering bids on everything from plumbing to insulation and heating and cooling. We’ve hopped to every home improvement store, kitchen and bath showroom, and carpet and tile shop in what seems... Read More

Infuse joy into your workday…right now!

Rachel Cooley is Director of Marketing for the Kennedy Brownrigg Group. Most Holy Spirit, bring me JOY! Via Flickr Commons There are millions of ways that the day wears on you. I get it. Traffic, politics at work, an uncomfortable desk chair, an annoying co-worker, that person that doesn’t read your entire email, that depressing headline, kids aren’t affectionate, spouse... Read More

Stressed? 5 Ways to Handle Pressure with Grace

Sherry Brownrigg is a Senior Partner of Kennedy Brownrigg Group and specializes in Strategic Marketing and Communications Via Creative Commons During a recent trip to a neighborhood pharmacy, the woman at the window had a near meltdown. First she was frazzled, and then she became belligerent as I attempted to understand why my prescription wasn’t ready despite the fact that... Read More

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